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ERCAAN National

Ercaan is a real Estate association that was formed to regulate the activities of genuine and honest service providers in the country and with the sole aims of bringing integrity and credibility to the real Estate profession. The Association was formed in the year 1986 and in cooperated on 8th of August 1991 with registration No Rc6223.
National Election 2019


The membership spread cut across the 36 State of the federation including the F.C.T with Lagos State having the highest Number. Each State chapters has zonal and units organ being manage by elected executives.

The National body being the highest decision making organ of the association is headed by an elected President with the mandate to run the association for a period of 3 years but could re-elected for another term. The association has National trustees who are custodians of the associations valuables but must be elected every two years at the National AGM.

The National President, Hon Godwin Alenkhe EFA and ERCAAN State and National officers at the Lagos State Government stakeholders meeting held in 2020


Correcting the decay and unethical conducts of Real Estate practices for a global recognition.


An articulate agenda gear towards-sanity and true professionalism of the real estate profession.

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Our Energetic National Executives

Hon Godwin Alenkhe (efa)

National President

Prince Segun Olaide (efa)

National Cordinator

Mrs Diana Jebba (eam)

National Welfare Officer

Hon Friday Thomas Ojo (efa)

National Vice President

Hon Adeyemo Emmanuel Olaseinde

Financial Secretary

Hon Mrs Tope Obasanya (eaa)

Welfare Officer.

Hon Lanre Afolayan (efa)

National Chairman

Hon Mao Odofin (efa)

Asst Financial Secretary

Hon Vincent Okonkwo (efa)

National Treasurer

Hon Dimeji OgunBamibi (efa)

SOC Org Sec

Hon Adelanke Dan Ademola

Public Relations Officer

Hon Philips Davis

Ondo State Chairman

Alh Sanni Tanimiola (eaa)

Cheif Whip

Hon Kassim Adeshina (era)

Lagos State Cordinator

Pst J.k Ojo

Ogun State ChairMan

Hon Adegoke Christopher Adeyemi (eaa)

Chief Whip

Hon Wasiu OLayanju (efa)

Kwara State Chairman

Hon Adeshina Ibrahim (efa)

National Electoral Board Chairman

The association  makes the training of all members across every class compulsory


Seminars and workshops are organized quarterly for all levels of Membership in the association. Ercaan Training institute (ETi) The association has proposed a training institute which shall be unveil next year.


The annual National conference is being organized every August while the AGM comes up in the Month of November.

These two events brings members and Non members together yearly to deliberate and forge new agenda and prospects for the Association in the coming years.

ERCAAN Constitution