Ercaan Annual National Conference & innovation Awards 2022

The Ercaan Annual National Conference & innovation Awards 2022 is a high profile event dedicated to promoting Real Estate Practice in Nigeria. The upcoming 11-12 October signature event is the 2nd edition and it is geared towards providing unparalleled opportunities for Real Estate Practice and leading companies in the housing sector in the country.

Property development organizations from the Africa continent and around the world would find opportunity to facilitate the establishment of desired real estate businesses from contacts at event.

Also expected to feature at the two days event are senior government officials, leading business executies and diplomats from foreign missions.

Participants will gain valuable insight into strategic and pratical business information on growing businesses and latest trends in the sector.

With over 2,000 expected deligates and invited participants, this conference and awards ceremony will provide platform for interaction and networking among participants.


The theme of the conference is: Real Estate development and Emergence of Smart Cities in Nigeria. It is projected to focus on the transformation of selected communities into Smart Cities through provision of developmental Data and analysis, technology based infrastructure and very functional public transport system with people able to live and work in the emerging smart city using quality Resources.

The physical components of Smart Cities are smart buildings with achitectural master piece. This entails Real time space management or structural monitoring and feedback.

With 54% of the world’s population living in cities with expected rise to about 66% by 2050, adding a further 2.5 billion to the Urban population, there is need for government to evolve planned policies to manage environmental, social and economic sustainability of Resources.

Smart Cities allow citizens and local authorities to work together and apply smart technologies to manage Assets and Resources in Urban environments.
This would provide well articulated recommendations for both local and international interests. The outcomes from the conference will inevitable serve as advisory tools for cooperate organizations in the housing and mortgage sector.

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