What is Logo?

This is a printed design or symbol that a company or an organization uses as its special sign.

Estates, Rent and Commission Agents Association of Nigeria, ERCAAN is established under the CAC Act since 1991 with the mandate of Regulating the activities of genuine Real Estate Agents in the country.

Ercaan has a Logo that identifies us as Real Estate Agents in the country and also unifies us as one in brotherhood and partners in business with the mind of making profit with the goal of honesty of intention and purpose.

Therefore, there is the need for a more dignifying identity that will represent the true image of our Association.

Ercaan is an Association that is founded on the threshold of honesty. The founding fathers gave us the platform to showcase an undiluted and productive honesty through our activities as refined service providers.

We must represent the image of what we preach, which is honesty and quick service.

The Logo, as rebranded is our bragging right with the Real Estate family. It represents our first real image of contact that must be associated with our profession. Our image is our Logo and our Logo is our Association.

So therefore, every member of this Association, must as a matter of urgency uphold our Logo and put it into practice as embedded in our Motto of Honesty and Quick Service.

Our Logo is one because our Association is one. All organs of our Association must promote our one Logo and one Association.

There must not be imitation of our identity because we are one as an Association.

The National Publicity Department has taken it upon itself to continue preaching the one Logo and one Association until we arrive at the ultimate of being the leader within the Real Estate sector of the economy.

This medium is being used to avail every Publicity Department of our Association to take it up upon itself to publicise our Logo and also be permitted to use it as our emblem in all our activities.

Hon. Dr. Godwin Alenkhe, efa
Ercaan National President

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