Mediation is one of the ways in resolving issues arising from two or more parties in any dispute.

Estate, Rent Commission Agents Association of Nigeria, ERCAAN, is a corporate organization that renders Real Estate services to Nigerians nationwide. It has now thought it wise to contribute to the Real Estate sector through our relationship with our clients at various levels of government.

In furtherance of this role, Ercaan has now decided to pursue the mediation and dispute resolution mechanism in contributing our own quota to the Government call of decongesting our courts.

Our highly committed members can take advantage of this platform to strengthen their relationship with their principals in living up to the expectation of reliable and dependable realtors.

This would reduce the time and resources being spent on litigations and court matters.

Mediation is about give and take and no one is a loser.

The Association would come up a winner because it created a window where parties could meet and resolve their issues amicably.

The good thing about this agreement is that it comes with training of our members as chartered Mediators. Our partners cannot be there for us forever. We must train people to take over from them and earn income as professional mediators.

It is only a mediator with Real Estate background that can properly adjudicate on matters that concern the industry.

Ercaan National with this initiative and collaboration would enhance our status and also assist us with an alternative income generation.

All our zonal chapters nationwide and most especially the Lagos State Chapter members must utilize this opportunity to assist their respective clients in making property management less cumbersome.

Hon. Dr. Godwin Alenkhe, efa,
Ercaan National President

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