Payment of yearly subscription is an agreed amount to be paid into the coffers of an Association or society. Payment or non payment determines the existence or performance of such an Association.

Most of the known Associations that are doing well today in Nigeria like the NBA, NMA, NIESV to mention but a few sanction their members for non payment or late payment of their dues. This demonstrates level of discipline in such Associations and commitment on the part of their members.

The Ercaan’s annual budget of over Thirty Million Naira (#30,000,000.00) is based on thirty percent of realizable revenue of payment of yearly subscription. The estimated members of 2000 per #5000 yearly would give Nine Million Naira (#9,000,000.00). As you are aware 50 percent of this amount goes to the state and zonal Chapters that this payment emanates from.

If this amount is paid as at when due, the National body, states and zones can organize training and workshops, seminars media briefings, mobilize and organize enforcement and raiding nationwide without necessarily levying any organ of the Association.

Presently, payment of yearly subscription is abysmally bad and embarrassing. A situation where only forty members of the Association had paid. It may interest you to know based on the available information that we have that some zones have members who are owing subscriptions up to two or more years. Such members do not attend meetings, operate as real estate agents in their zones and zonal chairmen treat such cases with kid gloves and friendship basis. Some zonal chairmen had even agreed to cancel such debts without authorization from their state chapters or the National body.

The state chapters and the National body would look into these unwholesome practices and erring zones are sanctioned.

The question now is how can Ercaan fight for its members with the Government if there is no financial strength like other Associations like NBA, NMA NIESV and so on. If members want Ercaan to move forward and be able to bite and not bark as well as to be able to compete with other Associations, then we must be ready to make sacrifices of payment of our annual subscription promptly and regularly.

We can move Ercaan forward from its present level of slumber to a greater and enviable level if we do what we need to do financially because Ercaan is funded on the highest threshold of honesty.

Hon. Dr. Godwin Alenkhe, efa,
Ercaan National President

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