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Classes Of Members

There are three classes of membership within the association. Which are:

  • EAM -Ercaan accredited Member.
  • EAA- Ercaan Associate Member.
  • EFA-Ercaan Fellow Agent.

For any member to attain status of:

  1. EAM: he or she must have been a member for at least one (1) year in the association.
  2. EAA he or she must have been a member for at least five (5) years in the association.
  3. EFA holders are members of the association and the requirements are;
    • Over ten (10) years of selfless service to the association.
    • must have serve at all levels of the association
    • must be financially buoyant.

Type of Membership

There are three types of membership in the association. Which are:

  • Financial Members
  • Active Members
  • perfect Members.
  1. Financial are those that contribute and pay their subscription at when due,
  2. Active are those who attends meetings regularly and also participate and fulfill all their financial obligations to the association.
  3. Perfect members are the ones that strictly observed and comply both the responsibilities of the financial and Active Members of the association.

New member registration fee is N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) which includes annual subscription and insurance fees.

  • Account Name: ERCAAN National Hqtrs
  • Account Number: 0079236637
  • Bank Name: Sterling Bank

Membership Registration


    Type Of Offices (required)
    FlatRoom SelfShop

    Means of Identification (required)
    Driver's LicenseVoter's CardNational ID

    Next Of Kin

    Name of Registered Member and a Non-Registered Member to be your Guarantor

    First Guarantor (Registered Member)

    Guarantor's Class of Membership
    EAM-Ercaan Accredited MemberEAA-Ercaan Associate MemberEFA-Ercaan Fellow Agent

    Second Guarantor (Non-Registered Member)

    Have You Been Previously Indicted on Real Estate Related Issue?